All of your Upwork Questions Answered!

If you haven’t made your Upwork account yet, here’s a good reason to start!

We will be moving to Upwork over the next several weeks.

Due to the fee increases with our longtime partner, Amazon Mechanical Turk, we are making Upwork our sole payment and hiring platform.

The payment and bonus systems are up and running, so you can get started on Monday August 10th for your next Weekly Bonus period!

Upwork will be CrowdSurf’s new hiring and payment platform. In order to access more CrowdSurf tasks in the future, and get paid for them, you will need to have an active Freelancer account on Upwork.

So many benefits of moving to Upwork!

  1. Instant payments to Upwork with several options for disbursement methods!
  2. New customizable bonus offers!
  3. Your 10% service fees will be covered!
  4. CrowdSurf is partnering with Upwork to smooth the transition and account creation processes.

Again, we recommend you get your account all set up, so you’re ready to go on Monday. That way you can start fresh for the new Weekly Bonus period on Monday. We will not be combining work on both platforms to pay bonuses, so please move all of your CrowdSurf work to Upwork at your earliest convenience!


Get Started on Upwork!

Still confused about what “set up” on Upwork actually means?

Previously all we’ve asked you to do is set up your Upwork account and Freelancer profile. Now we have the hiring process ready to go on Upwork. Below is a checklist to follow so that you can be ready on Monday.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Create your Upwork Account and Freelancer Profile  – make sure it’s approved by the Upwork team
  2. Search for the CrowdSurf Freelance English Transcriber job posting
  3. Apply to the Job ad, accept the “Counter-Offer” sent by CrowdSurf, and complete a brief assessment
  4. Set up your Upwork Payment methods (available under profile settings).
  5. Based on your assessment we’ll set up your CrowdSurfWork account and qualifications and “Hire” you on Upwork
  6. Get Hired – Receive the “Welcome to CrowdSurf – Login Instructions” email
  7. Successfully log in to the CrowdSurfWork platform with your Upwork credentials

Once you have your profile set up, getting started is very similar to Mturk. The only difference is Upwork uses and Apply, then Counter-Offer, then Hire process.  Keep this checklist handy to guide you through your Upwork set up!


Thank you for your support of all of CrowdSurf’s endeavors to improve your transcription experience!

Keep reading to learn all about CrowdSurf’s future with Upwork!



Upwork Payment Rocks!

You asked and we listened!

Upwork has the PayPal payments you’ve been dreaming of.

Base payments for CrowdSurf tasks will be automatically submitted to your Upwork account upon submission. You can see your earnings rack up as you submit tasks!

Upwork will hold your funds for a 6 day security period, and then they will become available for deposit or transfer via your preferred method. No more waiting for Mondays for your big payments days, funds become available just 6 days after you worked the tasks.

Upwork payment methods take up to 3 days to set up, so you’ll want to get started on this process early.  For best results, please direct any payment or disbursement questions directly to Upwork.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 5.35.41 PM



Customizable Bonus Offers

Moving to Upwork will allow the CrowdSurf team to focus exclusively on the CrowdSurfWork platform and worker experience improvements.

We’ve got some serious bonus improvements coming down the pipeline and we are excited to get started.

In addition to the flexible distribution methods, Upwork will allow for a completely customizable worker experience on the CrowdSurfWork platform. We can’t reveal what we’re working on yet, but trust us, it’s going to be great!

Better bonuses and a user-friendly platform? This is the best CrowdSurf yet!


Service Fees Covered

While Mturk takes service fees from the requester, Upwork takes them from the freelancer’s earnings.

We received overwhelming feedback from CrowdSurf beta testers that the 10% service fee was a major downside to Upwork.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Just like on Mturk, we will cover the service fees for you! You’ll get your normal pay rates and bonuses, and then we’ll add an 11% bonus on top of that to cover Upwork’s service fees.

Even though you’ll see the 10% deduction on your per task earnings, your overall CrowdSurf earnings should be exactly the same as they were on Mturk. The best part is, you’ll recieve payment for the whole task without all of the confusing bonus emails for variable payments and media minute tasks!


Upwork Account Creationpartner

In addition to covering the service fees, we’re finding other ways to make this transition as easy as possible!

The CrowdSurf team is partnering with Upwork to smooth out the account creation process. To make sure your accounts get approved the first time, please use the suggested Upwork profiles for inspiration. If you copy the format of the freelancer profiles Upwork suggests, account creation should be a cinch!

If you need further assistance, please follow this Account Creation Guide.



That sums up all of the great features of the Upwork payment and hiring platform.

We encourage you to start completing CrowdSurf tasks through Upwork starting Monday August 10, 2015 in order to get correct bonus payments on Upwork.

As always, the CrowdSurf team is here to help you be as successful as possible with CrowdSurf transcription. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to check out the CrowdSurf Community Subreddit, or create a new post for your question.




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