Everything is coming together this June at CrowdSurf!

We have big changes we want to share with you!

We’re making it easier and faster to access all of your favorite CrowdSurf tasks in one place.

You may have already noticed that Transcription and Transcription Review tasks have all been consolidated into two queues. Now, we are taking consolidation one step further.

Starting June 22, 2015 all CrowdSurf tasks, from Transcription to Special Handling, will be available on Mturk only.

Here are the main benefits:

  1. All tasks in one platform – One easy login, id, and dashboard for all your work with CrowdSurf. Whew!
  2. Instant base rate payment – Finish a task and receive your payment immediately, no more waiting for Monday/Wednesday/Friday payment days!
  3. Same great bonuses every week –If you qualify, earn two bonuses every week. Media minute tasks and Transcription/Review will still be applied to separate bonuses.

EDIT: We will be moving everyone’s existing CSW qualification to MTurk on Monday June 22, 2015. Individual requests for qualifications are not necessary.

It’s simple! Now enjoy a single access point on Mturk for all types of CrowdSurf tasks.

You will see that everything from Transcription to QC Reject, Special Handling and Entertainment timing will now be available to work on Mturk.

Keep reading for more details or Log in here to see it LIVE on Monday!


Mturk: One Platform!

We’re consolidating the platforms!

If you worked on the private CrowdSurfWork platform, all of your tasks will now be available on Mturk only.
This is HUGE! No more CrowdSurfWork platform!

You will no longer need to keep track of two ids, two passwords, or two dashboards.
We are simplifying your life with CrowdSurf and putting everything on one platform, one ID, one password, and one Work History dashboard.

Moving forward you will find the following tasks on Mturk only:

  1. Full Text Review
  2. QC Transcript
  3. Speaker ID
  4. Timing Review
  5. Special Handling- Critical
  6. QC Reject
  7. Entertainment Timing

Additionally you will be able access your Work History Dashboard for all tasks through your Mturk HITs now.

Keep this link handy to review feedback and work records: https://work.crowdsurfwork.com/reports/work_data/worker/?crowd_worker_id=YOURMTURKIDHERE&crowd_name=Mechanical%20Turk

This single sign-on to Mturk will make all of your work easier and faster across all task types.


Mturk: Instant Payments!

That’s right, get paid immediately upon submitting your tasks!

No longer wait until Monday, Wednesday, Friday payment days for your base rate task payments.

Now when you submit a 10 minute QC Reject task, you’ll get $2.00 deposited to your Mturk payments account, just like you would for a Transcription HIT payment.

Here is a reminder of the per media minute base rate payments:

  1. Full Text Review = $0.17/mm
  2. QC Transcript = $0.17/mm
  3. Speaker ID = $0.15/mm
  4. Special Handling Critical = $0.20/mm +$0.10/mm for approved tasks
  5. Timing Review = $0.18/mm of timed sentences
  6. QC Reject = $0.20/mm

Any special Happy Hours or Weekly Bonuses will still be paid on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but now you can watch your base earnings go up as you work!

As always, earn more for longer, higher level tasks!


Mturk: Bonuses Remain the Same!

If you previously worked on CrowdSurfWork, you will still have access to two bonuses. No changes here!

Still earn the same great Transcription and Media Minute bonuses all on one platform.

Here’s how it will work.

First, the Transcription and Transcription Review HITs will count towards the Transcription and Transcription Review bonus. You will earn a bonus for the number of HITs you submit each week.

Second, the FTR, FTR-General Media, QC, QC Reject, Speaker ID, and Timing will count towards the media minute bonus. You will earn a bonus for the volume of media minutes your submit each week as long as you maintain a 3.75 QC score.

Easy enough, right?

Again, there will be two bonuses. Transcription and Transcription Review HITs will qualify for the Transcription and Transcription Review bonus, and media minute tasks will qualify for the media minute bonus.

Each time you earn a promotion you will gain access to more and better bonus opportunities with CrowdSurf!

Don’t forget to keep track of all of your work here:¬†https://work.crowdsurfwork.com/reports/work_data/worker/?crowd_worker_id=YOURMTURKIDHERE&crowd_name=Mechanical%20Turk


We hope you’re excited as we are about this awesome upgrade!

The best part is, no more switching platforms, no more waiting for base payments, no more ID confusion. One platform, one ID, one CrowdSurf!


Enjoy all CrowdSurf work on Mturk here!