Get HAPPY for June!


You see a brand new month…

We see 48 hours of Happy Hour pricing on your CrowdSurfWork media minutes!

Take your bonus HIGHER!

Your Two Day Bonus is taking flight this Monday June 1 12:00am, through Tuesday June 2 at 11:59pm PT!


Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Earn up to $0.06/mm extra – Submit at least 50 minutes daily to activate increased rates on ALL approved media minutes!
  2. Retroactive Bonus tiers –  Each time you hit a volume threshold the higher rate is applied back to minute 1!
  3. The bonus Multiplier is back – Submit at least 50 minutes over 2 days and multiply your Two Day bonus earnings!


See the full details of this fabulous Two Day Bonus below! Or log in to CSW here or Mturk here to get started!

The CrowdSurf Team



Bonus #1: Two Day Bonus!

It’s just like happy hour – but all day, every day!

Bonus rates-

  1. NEW 25mm approved daily = +$0.01/mm back to minute 1
  2. 50mm approved daily = +$0.02/mm back to minute 1
  3. 100mm+ approved daily = +$0.03/mm on ALL minutes submitted daily!

It gets even HAPPIER when you work both Monday and Tuesday!
DOUBLE your Two Day bonus earnings when you submit at least 50mm each day!

Here are some examples:

  • Submit 75mm Monday, get $1.50.  Submit 75mm, 80mm over 2 days, get $6.00 extra!*
  • Submit 105mm Monday, get $3.15.  Submit 105mm, 115mm over 2 days, get $13.20 extra!*

*Examples only include the Two Day bonus, so you’ll earn even more with the Daily and Weekly Bonus rates!

Bonus details- 

  1. Two Day Bonus applied to minutes submitted daily 12:00am-11:59pm PT Monday and Tuesday!
  2. Two Day Bonus applied to any combination of FTR (Mturk and CSW), QC, QC Reject, Speaker ID, Timing minutes!
  3. Two Day Bonus in ADDITION to CSW Daily and Weekly Bonus rates!
  4. Bonus tiers and rates are not cumulative.
  5. Work at least 50mm each day to maximize your bonus earnings with a 2x multiplier!
  6. Two Day Bonus payable Wednesday June 3, 2015!


Log in to get started!



Don’t forget! Your CrowdSurfWork Daily and Weekly Bonuses are back Monday June 1 through Sunday June 7, 2015!

Bonus #2 CrowdSurfWork Daily Bonus

We want you to earn a reward you for every day you log in!

Daily Bonus tiers for 3.75+ QC score

  1. NEW 35 mm approved = $0.75 (That’s an extra $0.02+ on every minute once you hit 35!!)
  2. 70 mm approved = $1.75 
  3. 105 mm approved = $3.00
  4. 140 mm approved = $5.00
  5. 210 mm approved = $8.00
  6. 245 mm approved = $10.00 (+$0.04 on every approved mm 245+)

*Note: mm = media minute

Bonus #3 CrowdSurfWork Weekly Bonus

We want you to earn a reward for the total volume logged every week!

Weekly Bonus tiers for 3.75+ QC score

  1. 75 mm approved = $2.00 (That’s $0.02+/mm on every minute once you hit 75!!)
  2. 150 mm approved = $5.00 
  3. 225 mm approved = $8.00
  4. 300 mm approved = $11.00
  5. 450 mm approved = $17.00
  6. 500 mm approved = $20.00
  7. 600 mm approved = $27.00 (+$0.045 on every approved mm 601+)

*Note: mm = media minute

Important Payment Reminders

Rollover Details

** Complete a rolling average of 500 media minutes each week and start your third week with the highest pay rate rather than starting over! **

  • QC score of 3.75 or above: Maintain an average of 500 media minutes each week, and start your week with $0.05 on every media minute!
  • Rollover bonus rewarded on a rolling two-week basis, you can earn increased rates EVERY week after your first two weeks!
  • For more details on Rollover, click here.

Level 5, 6, 7 Requirements

To keep up with the new Special Handling volume, we’ve introduced requirements for the CSW Weekly Bonus.

  • If you’re in Level 5  we need you to submit 4 Special Handling Critical qualify for your CSW Weekly Bonus.
  • If you’re in Level 6, 7 we need you to submit at least 4 QC Reject Tasks to qualify for your CSW Weekly Bonus!

Weekly Mturk HITs

If you have experienced late or missing payments, please work 1 Mturk HIT per week to ensure successful delivery of CrowdSurfWork Payments.



Weekly CrowdSurfWork Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • Specified CrowdSurfWork tasks only – FTR (Mturk FTR too), FTR-General Media, Speaker ID, Timing, QC, QC Reject.
  • Applies to any combination of media minutes completed Monday June 1, – Sunday June 7, 2015 11:59 pm PST
  • Monday June 8, 2015!
  • Highest rate applies – tiers and prorates are not cumulative.
  • Please see General Guidelines for help.
  • Email with payment questions.
  • Please work 1 CrowdSurf HIT on MTurk weekly to qualify for QC weekly bonus.
  • Level 5, 6, 7 MUST work  FOUR Special Handling-Critical (level 5 only) or QC Reject (level 6, 7 only)  tasks to qualify for QC weekly bonus.