Help us make the switch to Clean Verbatim!

Hello CrowdSurfers!

We are excited to introduce the NEW CrowdSurf!

The NEW CrowdSurf = Clean Verbatim Transcription + New Transcription Review team!

ALL CrowdSurf work, from Transcription to QC Reject, will be making the switch from True Verbatim to Clean Verbatim transcription on Monday May 18, 2015.

This is your opportunity to preview the New Guidelines and learn about the New CrowdSurf Launch!

Here’s how it will happen:
Step 1: New Clean Verbatim Guidelines Preview
Step 2: New Clean Verbatim Review Team Selected
Step 3: New CrowdSurf Clean Verbatim Launch


We value all of your contributions to the CrowdSurf community. Keep reading to learn how Clean Verbatim will affect your work with CrowdSurf!

NEW Clean Verbatim Guidelines!

The CrowdSurf General Guidelines have gotten a serious makeover!

Here are the highlights:

  1. Clean Verbatim: Remove all stutters, dsifluencies, and filler words to create clean transcripts!
  2. New Examples: get instant clarification with “spoken” and “transcribe as” instructions!
  3. Clarified Number, Math, Computer Guidelines: Use the video to guide transcript formatting!
  4. More Precise Blank Audio: bbb for two seconds or more of silence or non-plot-relevant audio!
  5. Expanded Punctuation Rules: Learn how to create correct sentence breakpoints and more!
  6. Updated Sample Transcripts: See how the CrowdSurf team would transcribe the media!
  7. Full Guidelines Making a Comeback: You asked and we listened… Now enjoy Abbreviated Guidelines, Full Guidelines, and Guideline Sections!

See the updates for yourself!  

  1. Full Clean Verbatim Guidelines
  2. Abbreviated Clean Verbatim Guidelines

Please take a close look at the New Guidelines and let us know if you have questions! Post Questions on the CrowdSurf Subreddit, so everyone can see the answers together!

Careful!Don’t apply the Guidelines yet! We are giving everyone a few days to learn the new Clean Verbatim Guidelines before they take effect.

The official start date of the New Clean Verbatim guidelines is **Monday May 18th, 2015 at 12:00am pdt**!  Please wait to apply the new Guidelines until the official start date.

Monday May 18th is the date when reviewers and QCers will start enforcing the New Clean Verbatim Guidelines. The New Guidelines will be available on our Support Center and through HITs after the May 18th start date.


NEW Clean Verbatim Review Team!

Everyone has been burned by a bad review.

To rectify this, we will retest current Transcription Reviewers, and only the New Transcription Review team, will get access to Transcription Review HITs.

To answer your concerns, no one will get blocked.

We will simply lower Qualification Scores for anyone who does not qualify by May 18th, 2015. Anyone who does not successfully complete the Clean Verbatim test will have their score lowered.  Going forward, only CrowdSurf Clean Verbatim experts (pre-screened and thoroughly trained reviewers) will edit and score your transcripts.

Want to know more about the Review Team?

  • If you think you’re qualified to be on the New Review Team check your email, we probably already invited you!
  • If you did not receive an email and you have
    • Worked at least  200 Review HITs in the last month,
    • Or you have had FTR quals for more than one month,
    • And you have never received negative Review Feedback from the CrowdSurf team, feel free to email to receive the new training material and assessment.
  • If you’re interested in being a Transcription Reviewer in the future, don’t worry we will contact you! All Reviewers must be successful Full Text Editors first.

Don’t forget! Transcription Review is destined to be awesome with the new Review Team + Updated Scoring Algorithm and Review Tool Interface. Learn more here.



SAVE THE DATE Monday May 18, 2015

Get ready! Clean Verbatim is coming!

You have from now until Monday May 18th at 12am PDT to learn the Clean Verbatim Guidelines. (Previously new Guidelines were effective immediately upon publishing.)

On Monday May 18, 2015 CrowdSurf will:

  • Lower the qualification scores of Reviewers who did not qualify – say goodbye!
  • Activate the new Transcription Review Team and switch out the Guidelines – say hello to qualified reviewers!
  • Start enforcing the Clean Verbatim Guidelines on all CrowdSurf tasks – don’t worry, we’ll send reminders!

Here’s why Clean Verbatim ROCKS:

  1. Transcription will be easier than ever before when you can leave out those pesky disfluencies, stutters, and filler words!
  2. Newer, cleaner guidelines in every format imaginable! Easily search, download, and print straight from the CrowdSurf Support Center!
  3. Most importantly, NO more bad reviews! Only expert reviewers get access to your transcripts!

We look forward to extraordinary efficiency and accuracy with the New Clean Verbatim Guidelines and the New Transcription Review team!

We’re always here to help you, let us know if you have any questions about the NEW CrowdSurf.


When you’re ready to get started, take a look at the New Guidelines here!

Thank You!