For the first time ever…

Automatic Feedback on your FTR tasks!


So many of you have asked us to provide you more insight on your scores.  Now you will have it.

More transparency than ever before! No more guessing about work quality.

You can see the overall QC score for the task, and how individual sentences were QC’ed.

Read all about FTR Automatic Feedback below.

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As always THANK YOU,
 The CrowdSurf Team



Most of the time your scores are great, but when they are not, now you will have immediate insight why there was an issue.

No more waiting on the answers.  You can make any changes you need to right away.


More about the FTR process 

  1. Once you submit your FTR task it is algorithmically chosen to be QCed.
  2. In QC, sentences are randomly sampled and then scored by the QC worker.
  3. A FTR task’s QC score is an average of the sentences’ QC  scores. Take a look:



To access your FTR Feedback* 

  1. Sign in to CrowdSurfWork and go to your Work History Dashboard.
  2. Go to the Full Text Review tab in your Dashboard.
  3. Filter for the appropriate date range.
  4. Click on the QC score of a task to see your QC feedback for the FTR task.
  5. The feedback shows the sentences in descending order, the QC score, and the QC reasoning. Take a look:



*If you’re completing FTR in MTurk. Access your Work History Dashboard through the Stats Tab of an accepted CrowdSurf HIT on MTurk.

Invitation to QC workers: 

  1. As a QC worker, your job is more important than ever before!
  2. You now have the ability to make a difference in FTR quality.
  3. Mentor your peers! We invite you to provide helpful feedback in your QC comments to help FTR workers improve!
  4. TOGETHER we can create perfect transcripts every time!