CrowdSurfWork Weekly Bonus!

2015-04-27T10:11:49+00:00 April 27th, 2015|

BIG volume = BIG Bonus in your pocket!

Great news! Your Weekly QC Volume Bonus has been extended for Monday April 27 through Sunday May 3, 2015!

AND the Multiplier is back!

Don’t forget – Increase your bonus with a 3.75+ QC score, instant Full Text Review Feedback, and complete daily stats on the Freelance Feedback Sheet!

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Important Payment Reminder: If you have experienced late or missing payments, please work 1 Mturk HIT per week to ensure successful delivery of CrowdSurfWork Payments.


Have a great week!



Bonus #1 CrowdSurfWork Weekly QC Bonus

Bonus tiers and rates-
QC Score 3.75+

  1. $2.00 = 100 mm approved
  2. $6.00 = 200 mm approved
  3. $12.00 = 300 mm approved (+$0.04 on every approved mm 301-499)
  4. $25.00 = 500 mm approved (+$0.05 on every approved mm 501+)

*Note: mm = media minute

It gets even better… with a Combo Multi-Day Multiplier Bonus!

  • 3 days of 100+ mm daily = 1.25 x Weekly Bonus!
  • 4 days of 100+ mm daily = 1.5 x Weekly Bonus!
  • 5 days of 100+ mm daily = 2 x your Weekly Bonus!


Credit up to 50 Mturk Transcription and Transcription Review HITs towards the 100 media minute threshold for the Multi-Day Multiplier bonus shown above!

More ways to hit bonus tiers! 1 Transcription HIT = 1 media minute.

**Transcription HITs will not be counted twice. HITs counted towards the CrowdSurfWork Bonus 100 media minute thresholds, will not be counted in the Mturk Weekly Bonus.

Submit 100mm x 5 days for $50 !!!

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Rollover Details

** Complete a rolling average of 500 media minutes each week and start your third week with the highest pay rate rather than starting over! **

  • QC score of 3.75 or above: Maintain an average of 500 media minutes each week, and start your week with $0.05 on every media minute!
  • Rollover bonus rewarded on a rolling two-week basis, you can earn increased rates EVERY week after your first two weeks!
  • For more details on Rollover, click here.
Bonus #2 Mturk Weekly Bonus

Bonus tiers and rates-

  1. $2.00 for 100 HITs approved
  2. $5.00 for 200 HITs approved
  3. $9.00 for 300 HITs approved ($0.03 on every approved HIT 301-499)
  4. $20.00 for 500 HITs approved ($0.04 on every approved HIT 501-999)
  5. $50.00 for 1000 HITs approved ($0.05 on every approved HIT 1001+)


Earn a higher bonus by reviewing our updated General Guidelines and using the CrowdSurf Subreddit.


Weekly CrowdSurfWork Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • Specified CrowdSurfWork tasks only – FTR (Mturk FTR too), FTR-General Media, Speaker ID, Timing, QC, QC Reject.
  • Applies to any combination of media minutes completed Monday April 27, – Sunday May 3, 2015 11:59 pm PST
  • Highest rate applies – tiers and prorates are not cumulative
  • Please see General Guidelines for help.
  • Email [email protected] with payment questions.
  • Please work 1 CrowdSurf HIT on MTurk weekly to qualify for QC weekly bonus.
  • Level 5, 6, 7 MUST work  FOUR Special Handling-Critical or QC Reject task to qualify for QC weekly bonus.