CrowdSurf is raising the bar on Review Qualifications!

Working CrowdSurf HITs on Mturk? You’re going to want to read this – now!

You had a lot to say about CrowdSurf Reviewing, and we listened!

Thanks to your tremendous feedback we made significant updates to the CrowdSurf Levels on Mturk.

Now you can be sure that only the best and brightest CrowdSurf workers will review your HITs.

See full details here, or keep reading for the Mturk Levels highlights!



Here’s what you need to know about Mturk Levels!

The New Level 2 Review requirements-


  • Transcription Qualification in Mturk (Qualification Score above 900)
  • Transcription Review Qualification (Qualification Score above 100)

Requirements to Qualify:

  • Maintain an average QC score* of 3.70 or higher
  • Minimum of 500 Transcription Hits worked
  • No fraudulent Transcription HITs
  • Passing Score on Review Assessment Material

To stay in Level 2:

  • Maintain an average QC score of 3.70 or higher
  • No fraudulent Transcription HITs
  • No fraudulent Review HITs
  • Must work a minimum of 25 Transcription HITs weekly (when active, volume permitting)


Welcome to improved HIT Reviews!

The new Level 2 Requirements will allow for better and more consistent reviewing!

Now CrowdSurf Reviewers will:

  • Have more experience with a greater variety of HIT content!
  • Enjoy extended time to get accustomed to CrowdSurf Guidelines!
  • Stay updated on all Guideline changes by working Transcription HITs too!

The updated Mturk Levels offer significant benefits for CrowdSurf Reviewers and Transcribers alike.


This is a just a brief glimpse into planned improvements for CrowdSurf Reviewing. In addition to the Mturk Levels updates, we are also working on refining the scoring system used in CrowdSurf Reviews!

To see the full details on the Mturk Level updates, and the new Crowd Virtualizer requirements, click here.


Thank you for all of your feedback and support on CrowdSurf Work!

We look forward to more exciting improvements to CrowdSurf processes in 2015!