CrowdSurf Work is getting an upgrade!

You now have access to new and improved CrowdSurf transcription tools!

You asked, and now we’re introducing the all new CrowdSurf experience, available immediately on Mturk.

Starting December 19, 2014 all CrowdSurfers have unlimited access to new features – no beta quals required.

See the Mturk Training Guide and the Mturk Video Tutorial to help you navigate the new changes.

Still have questions? Visit our new FAQ!


  • Faster Load Times
  • No more waiting for HITs to load, means increased effective pay rates!
  • Greater Earnings
  • With Variable Pricing your payment is proportional to the length of the HIT. Now earn more for longer HITs!
  • Dashboard
  • Utilize direct and immediate access to your work history information with new reporting. Available from your Stats Tab.
  • Instant Feedback
  • Learn exactly what changed your score with a detailed Review interface. Please refer to the Training Guide for more details.
  • More to Come
  • These improvements build the foundations for the future of CrowdSurf.


And this is just the beginning. Many of the features that you see today are the base for future CrowdSurf improvements. Keep reading to learn more about upcoming CrowdSurf projects.



  • A Streamlined Work Experience
  • Updated work queues will boost individual efficiency, and allow us to offer higher volumes of work.
  • Engage Worker Preferences
  • Smart queues will learn you preferences and serve you your favorite HITs.
  • Multifaceted Variable Pricing
  • Your payment will be based on a variety of factors including quality, accuracy, and duration.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come…

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 5.07.34 PM


Finally, we want to express a big THANK YOU to all of you who participated in Beta testing.

Your hard work, eye for detail, and most of all your extensive feedback brought all of these new features to life. Everything we do is for the crowd, by the crowd, and the future success of CrowdSurf depends on your continued dedication to excellence, teamwork, and accessible online media.

We also appreciate everyone who utilized the Suggestion Box, Support Center, and support emails. Your input guided the direction of CrowdSurf progress, so once again, thank you! To celebrate all of your teamwork, we are introducing a brand new Weekend Bonus on Mturk!

When you’re ready, go ahead and explore the New CrowdSurf Work Experience on Mturk!



Your CrowdSurf Support Team