CrowdSurf Computer Programming Quiz

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CrowdSurf Support to the rescue!

Does the first sign of code, programming, and software in a HIT have you running to the skip button?

Never skip a computer programming HIT again!

Your key to success is to provide a verbatim transcript while using the video to guide your formatting and spelling.*

You too can submit PERFECT computer programming HITs! CrowdSurf is here to support you with:

Brush up on your computer programming transcription skills with our latest quiz!

Practice transcribing without any impact on your Qualification score, and get immediate feedback on quality and accuracy. It’s the best of both worlds!

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1. Transcribe this video to the best of your ability utilizing the CrowdSurf General Guidelines and Glossary.

Enter your Mturk ID into the first box, then enter your transcript into the second text box below. (If necessary, you can copy and paste your transcript into the box from a word processing program).

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*HINT: You should never spell out the word “dot” in “dot com”. Always transcribe the final form of a file name, email address, or programming formula.