July Guidelines Updates

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How well do you know the CrowdSurf General Guidelines?


Every month we review the CrowdSurf General Guidelines to make transcribing easier! Remember to check monthly for important updates.

Review our Updated Guidelines to see all changes, then take this quiz to find out how well YOU know CrowdSurf!

**The first 5 CrowdSurf workers to earn a perfect score will earn a $2 bonus! **

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1. How should this be transcribed? The speaker says: Football's governing body, FIFA, will also spend an estimated two billion dollars on staging the final tournament, where three point five million people are expected to attend.
2. You're working on a computer programming HIT. How should this be transcribed? The speaker says: And now we're going to use list dot adapter.
3. How should this be transcribed? A newspaper quote is displayed on screen and the video's speaker says: And Dee Milliner left this quote in the Daily News, who is the best cornerback? Me! I ain't gonna say somebody else is better than me.
4. When should a [BLANK_AUDIO] tag be used?
5. What are CrowdSurf's newest sound tags?
6. Which versions of the word "okay" are acceptable in CrowdSurf transcripts?
7. What is the correct contraction of "it is"?
8. The HIT is all music with the name of a video game, Diablo, displayed on screen. How should this be transcribed?
9. Which slang word is NOT accepted in CrowdSurf transcripts?
10. What is the correct way to transcribe the Yahoo yodel in CrowdSurf transcripts?

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*Deadline to take quiz is Sunday August 3, 2014 11:59 pm PST.*