Extra bonuses aren’t just for weekends!

Celebrate with the  Midweek Volume Bonus in Crowd Virtualizer!

For every 200 media minutes (approved) get and extra $2.00 on Wednesday and Thursday!  Each day the count starts fresh!

And if you complete 200+ media minutes on both days we will give you an additional $1.00!  Log in now

Don’t forget… This is in ADDITION to your Weekly Bonus or Rollover earnings!

Midweek Bonus rates

  • Extra $2 for 200 media minutes approved daily
  • Extra $4 for 400 media minutes approved daily
  • Extra $6 for 600 media minutes approved daily
  • Extra $8 for 800 media minutes approved daily
  • Extra $10 for 1000 media minutes approved daily
  • +Extra $1.00 for 200+ media minutes approved daily Wednesday & Thursday

Example of how much money you can generate!!!

Wednesday 400 approved media minutes = $4.00

Thursday 600 approved media minutes = $6.00

Additional 2-day reward = $1.00

TOTAL Extra Midweek Bonus = $11.00! 

**This is in ADDITION to your Weekly Bonus or Rollover earnings!**


  1. All Midweek Bonus earnings are in ADDITION to the Weekly Bonus earnings and Rollover!
  2. Midweek Bonus applies to work completed daily by Wednesday 11:59 pm AND PST Thursday 11:59 pm PST AND Sunday 11:59 pm PST!
  3. Midweek bonus periods run Wednesday 7/16 12:00 am – 11:59 pm and Thursday 7/17 12:00 am – 11:59 pm PST!
  4. Media minutes completed through the Thursday will count towards the weekly bonus and the midweek bonus!
  5. Midweek Bonus Payable Friday July 18, 2014.
  6. Daily bonus rates are not cumulative, highest rate applies!

Eligible Crowd Virtualizer Tasks

  • Full Text Review
  • Full Text Review – General Media
  • QC Transcript
  • QC Reject
  • Speaker ID

Don’t Forget…  the Weekly Volume Bonus + Rollover

Need a reminder of the Weekly Volume bonus? See full details hereLog in now



Terms and Conditions

  1. Bonus applied to approved media minutes only, with a QC score above 3.75
  2. Midweek Bonus applied to media minutes completed daily, minutes completed Wednesday do not count towards Thursday’s volume.
  3. Bonus rates are not cumulative.
  4. Weekly Bonus payable Monday July 21, 2014.