Move Up With CrowdSurf!

You asked and we listened…

We have created new opportunities for CrowdSurf Advancement.

In response to your requests for more accessible work quality information, as well as clear direction how to advance to higher performance levels, we have created a New Promotion System.

FIRST- We have defined a new scoring system that allows for automatic promotional reviews when defined thresholds have been reached. The new scoring scale is 0 – 1000

  • You will not be defaulted to 0 or lose any of the status you have built up with us.  
  • All CrowdSurf turks will begin at a 950 score!
  • At 1000 you will be reviewed for level 2 promotion (Review Transcription Qualifications)
  • Complete additional 200 Transcription HITs + 50 Review HITs with a score of 3.7+ to reach level 3.


SECOND- We are updating how your transcripts are scored on the new scale!  Transcripts will be reviewed on the following scale:

  • +10 = PERFECT 
  •  -1 = FAIR 
  • -20 = POOR 
  • -40 = FRAUD

* These scores will be added or subtracted from your CrowdSurf qualification score –effective immediately.  

Watch your score grow until you reach 1000… maintain 1000

and you’re a top worker!

These changes will help you to easily keep track of how well you are doing on CrowdSurf transcripts.  No need to request a quality report – your score tells you how you’re doing


We look forward to your Promotion!

Crowdsurf Support Team

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