Your work with CrowdSurf matters!

As a CrowdSurfer you are part of our movement,  for the crowd, by the crowd,  to improve online media!

Welcome to our new regular blog on “Why Do You CrowdSurf?”.  We want to explore why all of you spend your time Turking.  Together we are all making a difference.

CrowdSurf captions make online media accessible and enjoyable for deaf, hard of hearing, second language viewers and a variety of English language learners!

Many people do not realize this, but studies have shown that video captions can improve learning outcomes in educational environments too!

When we heard Kristen’s story about the reasons for her transcribing media for CrowdSurf, we realized that we had to share her story.

Kristen’s Story

Many of you joined CrowdSurf to improve media accessibility for those that are deaf and heard of hearing.   Today we are focusing on Education and the successful use of captions in the classroom.

I CrowdSurf for Education!

When I studied abroad in Spain the professors loved to use videos in class, but most of the media was in English. We watched a video about Steve Jobs and the Spanish students had difficulty understanding without dubbing or captions. Similarly I struggle with Spanish videos when there are no captions available.

I feel like I can contribute to improved education  opportunities for others when I transcribe with CrowdSurf on MTurk!

– Kristen W.
A CrowdSurfer since 2013

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