Weekly Bonus! 

This week’s bonus is packed full of earning potential.

Work at your own pace

You no longer have to work multiple days to qualify for the top CrowdSurf weekly bonus.  You can qualify for maximum bonus pay rate in a single day or more. 

Additional bonus announcements-

As we add volume we will be increasing this bonus!  So stay tuned to CrowdSurf Social Media, Blog Posts and Email Newsletters.

What you need to know-

  • The Bonus rate is only applied to the first 49 HITs after you have completed 50 HITs, any day of the week.
  • Each bonus tier you hit, has an increased payout! (in 50 HIT increments, see Bonus Tiers below).
  • When each tier is achieved, bonus applies to the HITs worked up to the next tier and so on.

Bonus tiers and rates-

  1. 50 approved HITs = $0.50
  2. 51-99 approved HITs = .01/HIT
  3. 100-149 approved HITs = .02/HIT
  4. 150-199 approved HITs = .03/HIT
  5. 200-249 approved HITs = .04/HIT
  6. 250+ approved HITs = .05/HIT


Terms and Conditions

  • Approved transcription HITs only (*does not apply to Transcription Review HITs)
  • All bonuses paid the following Monday (excludes holidays).
  • Please see guidelines for help.
  • Bonus effective Effective 12:00 AM PST Monday, April 14, through 11:59 PM PST Sunday, April 20th.