We are always working to improve your CrowdSurf experience.


Each week the CrowdSurf development team releases new features and refinements to our tools and workflow.

Technical issues happen.  If you ever run into an issue with our new tools, let us know so that we can fix it for you.

When you contact CrowdSurf technical support, please provide us with a detailed description of the technical issue you are experiencing.  To increase our ability to help you faster, please provide us with as much information as you can.

When you run into technical issues, here’s a list of what we need to help you.

Most Important Information

  • What is your CSW worker Id, Work Market ID or Mturk ID?
  • What is the Job ID? (Job IDs are located on the bottom-right of the media tool)
  • What is the HIT ID?
  • What is the URL of the task?
  • What browser/operating system are you using?
  • Can you provide a screen shot of the issue?
  • If you got an error message, what exactly did it say?

Additional Helpful Information

  • What type of task were you working on?
  • How long was the task?
  • Do you remember the content of the video?
  • Did you watch the whole media clip?
  • How long were you working on the tasks or about how much time was left on the timer when you tried to submit?


Thank You,
CrowdSurf Support Team

P.S. For a DIY fix, try removing cookies, clearing your cache, and closing and reloading your browser. Also make sure that your browser is updated. This is a great first step to solving any CrowdSurf issue!