Crowd Virtualizer Weekly Bonus! 

The Crowd Virtualizer weekly bonus is packed full of earning potential.

Additional bonus announcements-

As we add volume we will be increasing this bonus!  So stay tuned to CrowdSurf Social Media, Blog Posts and Email Newsletters.

What you need to know-

  • The Bonus rate is only applied to the first 49 media minutes after you have completed 50 media minutes.
  • Each bonus tier you hit, has an increased payout! (in 50 media minute increments, see Bonus Tiers below).
  • When each tier is achieved, bonus applies to the media minutes worked up to the next tier and so on.

Bonus tiers and rates-

  1. 50 approved media mins = $0.50
  2. 51-99 approved media mins = .01/per media mins
  3. 100-149 approved media mins = .02/per media mins
  4. 150-199 approved media mins = .03/per media mins
  5. 200-249 approved media mins = .04/per media mins
  6. 250+ approved media mins = .05/per media mins


Tasks that Qualifies for the Weekly Bonus-

  • Full Text Review
  • Full Text Review – General Media
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Control – Reject
  • Entertainment Timing
  • Speaker ID

*Note – This Bonus does NOT count for tasks that already have a built-in bonus.

Terms and Conditions

  • Log in to Crowd Virtualizer now to start working on this week’s bonus
  • All bonuses paid the following Monday (excludes holidays).
  • Please see guidelines for help.
  • Bonus effective Effective 12:00 AM PST Monday, April 14, through 11:59 PM PST Sunday, April 20th.