We are excited to announce that the CrowdSurf Guidelines have a brand new look and location!

*CrowdSurf Guidelines are updated monthly, please make sure you are using the most recent version of the Guidelines.

The new CrowdSurf guidelines have new categories and search functionality, more here.

We have also added a glossary for commonly used terms in CrowdSurf transcripts.

March’s updates include:

      1. [MUSIC] or mmm for all music or singing
      2. Dashes to be used to indicate interruptions
      3. Capital letters and dashes to indicate spelling
      4. [NOISE] and [SOUND] to be used interchangeably
      5. Transcribe hashtags with the pound sign “#”

We want your help, send us your questions, feedback, or suggestions to evaluate and improve our General Guidelines.

Thank You,
CrowdSurf Support Team