CrowdSurf work on Crowd Virtualizer just got better.

You control your pay rate  after 50 media minutes!

Now you can watch fun Entertainment videos and make extra money!



First 0-49 media minutes  Base Rate

After 50 media minutes New Rate (Bonus)

3rd Pass 1 – Entertainment Timing Review task

Now $0.17/ mm

Now $0.22 / mm*

These tasks are short 20 minute episodes of your favorite childhood cartoons and fun entertaining videos!  You can access them here in the Special Handling – 3rd pass 1 queue. Log in now!

How to qualify for this week’s bonus:

  1. Submit a minimum of 50 media minutes for a $2.50 bonus.
  2. After your first 50 media minutes, earn a $0.05 bonus on EVERY media minute*
  3. See the full details on base rates and bonus offers here.

Maximize your bonus – complete as many tasks as possible by 11:59 PM PST Sunday March 30, 2014.

Log in to Crowd Virtualizer now to start earning your bonus!  Check back often for more work via this link!


* Terms and Conditions.
Earn the $0.22 after completing your first 50 media minutes for the week. Crowd Virtualizer weekly bonus offer applies to approved FTR, FTR General Media, Speaker ID 1, Special Handling – 3rd pass 1, QC transcript, and QC reject tasks.