Now more options to help you score sentences in QC Transcripts tasks!

When rating a sentence as “Good” you can now select among these additional options

1.  Minor Missing Word

This includes stutters, repetitive words, or homophones.  Example:

  • ‘Hello, my name is’ should have been ‘Hel, hello, my name is’
  • ‘a’ should have been “an” or one instance of ‘its’ vs. ‘it’s’ or similar.

2.   Minor Incorrect Word

This includes slang, filler words, minor pronouns or disfluencies.  Example:

  • ‘Gonna’ should have been ‘going to’ or visa versa
  • ‘This’ should have been ‘These’

**As a reminder, missing or incorrect disfluencies such as “um” or “uh” should never result in a less than perfect score**